Cursive Kick Off
Cursive Kick Off
Cursive Kick Off

Cursive Kick Off

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This workbook is for second grade students or those working at that level who are ready to learn cursive.

  • Offers digital instruction opportunities
  • Facilitates an easy transition from printing to cursive
  • Includes pretest/posttest screener to help drive instruction and monitor student progress
  • Learn & Check helps teachers and students check letter, word, and sentence skills
  • Lesson plans incorporate letter review with words and sentences
  • Activity pages combine handwriting instruction with paragraph, poem, composition, and language arts activities

  • Customers are eligible to purchase 1 HITT license for every 20 workbooks purchased, for that corresponding grade level (e.g. – if 40 LN-18 Kindergarten student books are purchased, 2 licenses of HITT-K may be purchased).
  • Purchase price: $35 CAD per HITT license with purchase of 20 corresponding grade-level student workbooks
  • Must be ordered via email (not online) or included in PO
  • Must include the name & email address of the person the download code is to be sent to
  • What is HIIT?